Marcus Hook LTC Pharmacy is here to simplify the process of getting the medications your patients or residents need. If you are frustrated dealing with the large impersonal corporate pharmacies, we can help. Starting with a live person to answer your phone call, to a dedicated point of contact for all issues, we are committed to providing the highest possible level of service. Our size makes us big enough to handle any pharmacy job, while being personal enough to customize our service to fit your facility’s specific needs.

Residents and caregivers will enjoy the benefit of not being charged extra for special packaging or inflated drug prices on over the counter medications. We are a pain reliever for nurses and staff. We remove the headaches created by bureaucracy of the corporate pharmacy providers. Whether it is ordering a drug, or checking the status of an existing order, the quick response by our team when calling us can free them up for more patient care. Contact us today at 855-270-0474 to determine how our pharmacy can relieve the stress of the administrators and staff and help your facility run smoothly.

We are a full service long term care solution, from special drug packaging, to regulatory compliance issues, to providing MARs and Physician order sheets.

** Licensed in DE & PA

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